This morning Tealium's services were affected by a global DDoS attack on the service provider Dyn

Summary: DNS Incident
Description: Like many Internet based service providers, the ongoing DDoS attack against the DNS service provider, Dyn, is causing reverberating effects across the internet. While Tealium products and services are secure and not under attack, as this is isolated to our DNS providers' DDoS outage, a segment of Tealium customers may be experiencing publish failures.
Status: Closed
Priority: P2
Region: All
Impacted Services: Tag Delivery, Tag Publishing
Impacted CDN: All
Time Reported: 2016-10-21 01:00 PST
Time Resolved: 2016-10-21 11:30 PST

Customers that use the recommended implementation as seen in Tealium iQ Code Center, and are loading utag.js asynchronously, may have utag.js functionality impacted due to the Dyn DNS incident, however, customer's web pages will continue to load and without impact.

Customers who have not followed the recommended deployment method and load utag.js synchronously, will have web page failures and latency due to the DNS latency and failure to resolve

Customers wishing to find the status of DYN's Managed DNS service can do so by following this link:

Tealium Network Operations implemented a successful workaround at ~11:30am PST. Since that time, Dyn Managed DNS has mitigated the impact to their services and are no longer experiencing issues. Tealium Network Operations will continue to monitor the situation.

The incident has now been resolved. Please see above for further details.