Release Notes - December 2019

Tealium Employee

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New/Cool Stuff

  • New marketplace tag: Rtoaster (Learn more)
  • New marketplace tag: ShopMessage (Learn more)
  • Added the Viewthrough Tracking option to the Adobe Analytics AppMeasurement for JS tag. (Learn more)
  • Updated the library version for the Dun & Bradstreet tag. (Learn more)
  • Update mapped variable handling for the Kenshoo tag. (Learn more)
  • Updated order total handling for the Dynamic Yield tag. (Learn more)
  • Updated parameters for the Adform tag. (Learn more)


New/Cool Stuff

  • New marketplace connector: Adobe Campaign Classic Batch (Learn more)
  • New marketplace connector: Facebook Audiences - Beta (Learn more)
  • New marketplace connector: Optimizely Events - Beta (Learn more)
  • New marketplace connector: Tapjoy Conversion Postbacks - Beta (Learn more)
  • Updated the Criteo connector to ensure the first item in a list is passed correctly and that additional items follow, in the correct format. (Learn more)

EventStream, AudienceStream, and DataAccess

New/Cool Stuff

  • Introduced the new Server-Side user permissions management feature. (Learn more)


  • Added Event Feeds to global warning messages to ensure that deleted TiQ-imported attributes can be identified, saved, published, and disabled.


New/Cool Stuff

  • Braze iOS 0.0.5/Android 0.0.3
    • Added new configuration options and variables.
    • Added setlocation command for location and geofencing support.
  • iOS 5.6.5
    • Added tealium_session_id to volatile data sources for Xamarin.
  • Swift 1.8.0, 1.81
    • Added new device_type variable to capture internal device identifier.
    • Added option to disable event batching.
    • Added optional Visitor Service module (required AudienceStream CDP) to retrieve visitor profile changes in real-time.
    • Moved Persistent Storage from UserDefaults to JSON-based file storage.
    • Removed the following modules:
      • FileStorage (superseded by DiskStorage, part of Core)
      • DefaultsStorage (superseded by DiskStorage, part of Core)
      • DataSource (incorporated into VolatileData module)
    • Updated event batching to send up to 10 events in a single UDH "hit".
  • Xamarin 1.01
    • Updated lifecycle.dll files to correct issues with Lifecycle modules.


  • Android 5.6.0, 5.6.1
    • Corrected encoding issue for event data sent using POST method.
    • Added methods to the Tealium.Configclass to correctly override the Visitor service domain and profile.
  • Swift 1.8.0, 1.81
    • Corrected issue causing occasional Tag Management module issues.