Release Notes - November 2019

Tealium Employee

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New/Cool Stuff

  • New Marketplace tag: Genesys Chat Widget (Learn more)
  • New marketplace tag: iSpotTV Cookie Matching Service (Learn more)
  • Added "allowAdFeatures" field for display advertising features to the Google Analytics tag (gtag.js and analytics.js). (Learn more)
  • Added customEvent support to the Sailthru Personalization Engine tag. (Learn more)
  • Improved plug-in support for the the Webtrekk tag and added support for versions 4.4.7 and 5.1.1. (Learn more)
  • Removed the AdRoll tag from the tag marketplace (this tag can only be used if previously installed).
  • Updated the Adobe Analytics AppMeasurement tag for clearvars to use callback and always fire after Track call. (Learn more)
  • Updated the Adobe Audience Manager tag library to version 9.3 and added new mappings. (Learn more)
  • Updated the Adobe Target tag to support Version 1.8 and 2.2. (Learn more)
  • Updated the configuration fields for the Facebook Buttons tag. (Learn more)
  • Updated the Google Ads Conversion and Remarketing tag (gtag.js) to make Conversion ID a required field. (Learn more)
  • Updated the handling of the PID for different event types for the Pepperjam tag. (Learn more)
  • Updated the JavaScript library version for the Amplitude tag. (Learn more)
  • Updated the Quicklizard tag to the latest SDK version. (Learn more)
  • Updated the Yext tag configuration options and data mappings. (Learn more)


  • Added a check for the existence of an Advertiser ID for the Floodlight (gtag.js) tag before converting it to an array. (Learn more)
  • Corrected parameter name display for the Firebase Mobile Remote Command tag. (Learn more)


New/Cool Stuff

  • Applied performance enhancements to the Adobe Analytics connector. (Learn more)
  • Updated the Amplitude connector to add support API, v4. (Learn more)
  • Updated the Facebook Ads connector to support the Facebook Marketing API, v4. (Learn more)
  • Updated AppNexus branding name for all articles and logo images in interface to "Xandr". (Learn more)
  • Added batch actions and updated existing actions for the ExactTarget (formerly Salesforce) connector. (Learn more)


  • Corrected automatic connector configuration field population issue with the Webhook connector.

iQ Tag Management


  • Corrected issue causing the Edit button to be inaccessible when the mapped variable Note field contains a long note with no spaces.
  • Corrected issue causing erroneous message to display when searching for and selecting the jQuery clickHandler extension or the jQuery onHandler extension.

EventStream, AudienceStream, and DataAccess


  • Added Event Feeds to global warning messages to ensure that deleted TiQ-imported attributes can be identified, saved, published, and disabled.
  • Applied performance enhancements for the Visitor Lookup API response time.
  • Corrected issue causing header table text wrapping to only display half of the second line when viewing the screen at half width.
  • Updated the Live Events Timeline graph to correctly display the entire timeline for smaller screen resolutions.
  • Updated functionality for the Live Events Quick Add button to only allow valid attribute names.
  • Updated the Visitor Lookup API error messaging to display a more meaningful description when a "5xx" error is returned.