Attributes and Enrichments

    03-08-2021 In "180"

    When you are building your use cases in AudienceStream, you might need to take into account offline visits when setting them up. In some cases, you might want to prevent offline data from interfering in your use cases.  In this article: Table o...



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    Mar 8, 2021

    02-26-2021 In "180"

    In this article: Table of Contents Placeholder You want to count a common event (for example page impressions), over a time window (e.g. last 10 days). You could just use a timeline, adding an entry each time the event occurs, and use a metric to c...



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    Feb 26, 2021

    10-29-2020 In "180"

    This article describes how to track of a visitor's favorite attribute over a rolling time period. A visitor favorite can apply to any attribute associated with visitor activity, such as product category, site section, product brand, etc. A rolling ti...



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    Oct 29, 2020

    10-27-2020 In "180"

    Cart Abandonment is any representation of a visitor adding items to the cart and not purchasing. This post describes how to setup Cart Abandonment within AudienceStream. The example discussed below will explore the use case where a visitor adds a pro...



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    Oct 27, 2020

    02-14-2020 In "180"

    Where TiQ has separate publish environments, AudienceStream does not. Once you publish a change in AudienceStream your change is immediately live to the public, with live data flowing into it. You can save without publishing, but you cannot test yo...



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    Feb 14, 2020