This article describes how to set up the Acoustic Digital Analytics tag in your Tealium iQ Tag Management account.

Acoustic Digital Analytics helps companies measure and improve the effectiveness of online marketing programs, directly improving their bottom line.

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Tag Tips

  • You can map values to override values set in E-Commerce Extension (not recommended)
  • Mapping toolbox shows 10 custom attributes for each event. Acoustic Digital Analytics supports 50 attributes. To map to a value beyond 10, edit the number in the toolbox directly
  • To use Manual Page View tag, map value to Manual Page View Destination URL (other values picked up from standard Page View mappings)

Tag Configuration

First, go to Tealium's tag marketplace and add the Acoustic Digital Analytics tag (Learn more about how to add a tag).

After adding the tag, configure the following settings:

  • Tag Version: Use the External (default) option to load eluminate.js from the Acoustic-hosted CDN. This ensures you always have the latest library code from Acoustic.
  • Client ID: First parameter to the cmSetClientID function (e.g., 89999999|SiteID). This value can also be set via mapping.
  • Test Client ID: This is the Client ID used when a match is found in the Test Domains list.
  • Collection Method: True indicates Client-Managed 1st Party cookie. False indicates Acoustic-Managed 1st Party or 3rd Party as applicable.
  • Collection Domain: The target domain for Acoustic data collection requests.
  • Cookie Domain: The domain for Client-Managed cookies (e.g.,
  • Test Domains: Comma-separated list of test domains. This is the complete domain (e.g.,,
  • External Script URL: Only used by the External Tag Version.

Data Mappings

Mapping is the process of sending data from a data layer variable to the corresponding destination variable of the vendor tag. For instructions on how to map a variable to a tag destination, see Data Mappings.

The available categories are:

Page View

Variable Description
Page ID (pi)
Page Category (cg)
Search String (se)
Search Results (sr)
Attribute 1 (pv_a1)
Attribute 2 (pv_a2)
Attribute 3 (pv_a3)
Attribute 4 (pv_a4)
Attribute 5 (pv_a5)
Attribute 6 (pv_a6)
Attribute 7 (pv_a7)
Attribute 8 (pv_a8)
Attribute 9 (pv_a9)
Attribute 10 (pv_a10)
Extra Field 1 (pv1)
Extra Field 2 (pv2)
Extra Field 3 (pv3)
Extra Field 4 (pv4)
Extra Field 5 (pv5)
Extra Field 6 (pv6)
Extra Field 7 (pv7)
Extra Field 8 (pv8)
Extra Field 9 (pv9)
Extra Field 10 (pv10)

Product View

Variable Description
Product ID (pr)
Product Name (pm)
Product Category (cg)
Product Virtual Category (cm_vc)
Attribute 1 (pr_a1)
Attribute 2 (pr_a2)
Attribute 3 (pr_a3)
Attribute 4 (pr_a4)
Attribute 5 (pr_a5)
Attribute 6 (pr_a6)
Attribute 7 (pr_a7)
Attribute 8 (pr_a8)
Attribute 9 (pr_a9)
Attribute 10 (pr_a10)

Cart View (ShopAction5)

Variable Description
Product ID (pr)
Product Name (pm)
Product Quantity (qt)
Product Price (bp)
Product Category (cg)
ShopAction5 Attribute 1 (s_a1)
ShopAction5 Attribute 2 (s_a2)
ShopAction5 Attribute 3 (s_a3)
ShopAction5 Attribute 4 (s_a4)
ShopAction5 Attribute 5 (s_a5)
ShopAction5 Attribute 6 (s_a6)
ShopAction5 Attribute 7 (s_a7)
ShopAction5 Attribute 8 (s_a8)
ShopAction5 Attribute 9 (s_a9)
ShopAction5 Attribute 10 (s_a10)
ShopAction5 Extra Field 1 (sx1)
ShopAction5 Extra Field 2 (sx2)
ShopAction5 Extra Field 3 (sx3)
ShopAction5 Extra Field 4 (sx4)
ShopAction5 Extra Field 5 (sx5)
ShopAction5 Extra Field 6 (sx6)
ShopAction5 Extra Field 7 (sx7)
ShopAction5 Extra Field 8 (sx8)
ShopAction5 Extra Field 9 (sx9)
ShopAction5 Extra Field 10 (sx10)

Order (ShopAction9)

Variable Description
ShopAction9 Registration Id (cd)
ShopAction9 Order Number (on)
ShopAction9 Order Subtotal (tr)
ShopAction9 Product ID (pr) [Array]
ShopAction9 Product Name (pm) [Array]
ShopAction9 Product Quantity (qt) [Array]
ShopAction9 Product Price (bp) [Array]
ShopAction9 Product Category (cg) [Array]
ShopAction9 Attribute 1 (s_a1)
ShopAction9 Attribute 2 (s_a2)
ShopAction9 Attribute 3 (s_a3)
ShopAction9 Attribute 4 (s_a4)
ShopAction9 Attribute 5 (s_a5)
ShopAction9 Attribute 6 (s_a6)
ShopAction9 Attribute 7 (s_a7)
ShopAction9 Attribute 8 (s_a8)
ShopAction9 Attribute 9 (s_a9)
ShopAction9 Attribute 10 (s_a10)
ShopAction9 Extra Field 1 (sx1)
ShopAction9 Extra Field 2 (sx2)
ShopAction9 Extra Field 3 (sx3)
ShopAction9 Extra Field 4 (sx4)
ShopAction9 Extra Field 5 (sx5)
ShopAction9 Extra Field 6 (sx6)
ShopAction9 Extra Field 7 (sx7)
ShopAction9 Extra Field 8 (sx8)
ShopAction9 Extra Field 9 (sx9)
ShopAction9 Extra Field 10 (sx10)
Order Number (on)
Order Subtotal (tr)
Order Shipping Amount (sg)
Order Registration Id (cd)
Order City (ct)
Order State (sa)
Order Zip/Postcode (zp)
Order Attribute 1 (o_a1)
Order Attribute 2 (o_a2)
Order Attribute 3 (o_a3)
Order Attribute 4 (o_a4)
Order Attribute 5 (o_a5)
Order Attribute 6 (o_a6)
Order Attribute 7 (o_a7)
Order Attribute 8 (o_a8)
Order Attribute 9 (o_a9)
Order Attribute 10 (o_a10)
Order Extra Field 1 (or1)
Order Extra Field 2 (or2)
Order Extra Field 3 (or3)
Order Extra Field 4 (or4)
Order Extra Field 5 (or5)
Order Extra Field 6 (or6)
Order Extra Field 7 (or7)
Order Extra Field 8 (or8)
Order Extra Field 9 (or9)
Order Extra Field 10 (or10)


Variable Description
Registration Id (cd)
Registration Email (em)
Registration City (ct)
Registration State (sa)
Registration Zip/Postcode (zp)
Registration Country (cy)
Registration Attribute 1 (rg1)
Registration Attribute 2 (rg2)
Registration Attribute 3 (rg3)
Registration Attribute 4 (rg4)
Registration Attribute 5 (rg5)
Registration Attribute 6 (rg6)
Registration Attribute 7 (rg7)
Registration Attribute 8 (rg8)
Registration Attribute 9 (rg9)
Registration Attribute 10 (rg10)

Conversion Event

Variable Description
Conversion Event Id (cid)
Conversion Event Action Type (cat)
Conversion Event Category Id (ccid)
Conversion Event Points (cpt)
Conversion Event Attribute 1 (c_a1)
Conversion Event Attribute 2 (c_a2)
Conversion Event Attribute 3 (c_a3)
Conversion Event Attribute 4 (c_a4)
Conversion Event Attribute 5 (c_a5)
Conversion Event Attribute 6 (c_a6)
Conversion Event Attribute 7 (c_a7)
Conversion Event Attribute 8 (c_a8)
Conversion Event Attribute 9 (c_a9)
Conversion Event Attribute 10 (c_a10)
Conversion Event Extra Field 1 (cx1)
Conversion Event Extra Field 2 (cx2)
Conversion Event Extra Field 3 (cx3)
Conversion Event Extra Field 4 (cx4)
Conversion Event Extra Field 5 (cx5)


Variable Description
Element Id (eid)
Element Category (ecat)
Element Attribute 1 (e_a1)
Element Attribute 2 (e_a2)
Element Attribute 3 (e_a3)
Element Attribute 4 (e_a4)
Element Attribute 5 (e_a5)
Element Attribute 6 (e_a6)
Element Attribute 7 (e_a7)
Element Attribute 8 (e_a8)
Element Attribute 9 (e_a9)
Element Attribute 10 (e_a10)


Variable Description
Manual Link HREF (hr)
Manual Link Name (nm)
Manual Link Page Id (pi)
Manual Page View Destination URL (ul)
Manual Page View Referring URL (rf)
Manual Impresssion Page Id (pi)
Manual Impression Track Real Estate (cm_re)
Manual Impression Track Site Promotion (cm_sp)


Variable Description
Page ID (pi)
Error Category (cg)


Variable Description
Registration Registration
Order Order
Cart/ShopAction5 ShopAction5
Product View Productview
Conversion Event Conversion
Element Element
Error Error


Variable Description
Client ID (ClientID)
Test Client ID (TestClientID)
Test Data Collection Method (TestDataCollectionMethod)
Test Data Collection Domain (TestDataCollectionDomain)
Advanced Setup Object (cmSetupOther) [Object]