This article describes how to set up the Foresee Tag in your Tealium iQ profile.

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Tag Configuration

First, go to Tealium's Tag Marketplace and add the Foresee Tag to your profile (how to add a Tag?).

After adding the Tag, configure the below settings:

  • Title: The default is "Foresee". You may replace it with a custom name of choice.
  • File Path: The URL where your Foresee files/configurations are hosted.
    E.g. "//"

Load Rules

Load Rules determine when and where to load an instance of this Tag on your site.

Data Mappings

Mapping is the process of sending data from a Data Layer Variable to the corresponding destination variable of the vendor Tag. For instructions on how to map a Variable to a Tag destination, see Data Mappings.

The destination variables for the Foresee Tag are built into its Data Mapping tab. Available categories are:


Tag Destination Description
File Path The URL where your Foresee snippet is hosted

Vendor Documentation

Foresee Developer Portal