This article describes how to set up the Mapp Intelligence tag in your Tealium iQ Tag Management account.

Mapp Intelligence offers analysts and marketers in depth analyses and valuable insights of website usage and a deeper understanding of their customers. It provides the necessary information to target audiences with the right message at the right time and in the right channel.

In this article:

Tag Tips

  • Values added to data mapping will be inserted into the Webtrekk (wt) object. For example, use data mappings to set wt_config.contentId or internalSearch ).
  • The Mapp Intelligence tag triggers formTrackInstall() automatically by setting a value to Form HTML ID (formTrackInstall).
  • Event tracking can be done with a function call using
  • The E-Commerce extension is required to automatically set order values.

Tag Configuration

Navigate to the Tag Marketplace to add a new tag. Read the Tag Overview article for general instructions on how to add a tag.

When adding the tag, configure the following settings:

  • Library Version: The library version you are using.
  • Track ID: ID used to assign requests to an account. Locate your track ID by navigating to Data Collection in the Mapp System Configuration. If the same information needs to be recorded to multiple accounts, enter the corresponding track IDs of the accounts as a comma-separated list.
  • Track Domain: Your Mapp Intelligence track domain provided by your account manager.
  • Param First: Semi-colon separated list of parameters that will be sent first.
  • Domain: Domain of website being tracked. You can enter multiple domains, separated by a semicolon.x
  • Link Tracking: The Mapp Intelligence tag provides two ways to track HTML links: 
    Link: All HTML links are automatically tracked when clicked
    Standard: All labeled HTML links of a page are tracked when clicked.
  • Link Track Attribute: Name of the HTML attribute used for link names.
  • Link Track Params: Name of query string parameters in the link URL that will be used as link name.
  • Link Track Downloads: Extensions of download files to track. For example, .zip, .rar, .doc.
  • Pixel Sampling: Define whether only every n-th user should be tracked on your page.
  • Force HTTPS: Select on or off.
  • Cookie Handling: Select the cookies you want to use: first-party cookies or third-party cookies.
  • Cookie Domain:
  • mediaCode: Set mediaCode to identify which parameter you will use for standard campaign tracking.
  • mediaCodeCookie: If the mediaCode query parameter is in the address bar (for example, with AJAX-driven websites), set mediaCodeCookie to sid.
  • WT Object Name: Name of the WT object. Leave the default of wt if using a single Webtrekk instance.
  • Form Tracking: Enables global form tracking. To enable form tracking for single pages, use Form HTML ID in Data Mappings.
  • Request Queue:
  • Server to Server Tracking:

Load Rules

Load the tag on all pages or set conditions for when your tag will load. For more information about load rules, see the Load Rules documentation.

Data Mappings

Mapping is the process of sending data from a data layer variable to the corresponding destination variable of the vendor tag. For instructions on how to map a variable to a tag destination, see data mappings.

The available categories are:


Variable Description
WT Object Name (wt_object_name) [String]
Request of Obfusacation (requestObfuscation) [Boolean]
Secure Configuration (secureConfig) [String]
Send via SDK ( sendViaSDK ) [Boolean]
Parameters to Include First (wt_config.paramFirst)  
Ignore Pre-rendering (wt_config.ignorePrerendering) [Boolean]
Form Path Analysis (wt_config.formPathAnalysis) [Boolean]
tabBrowsing (wt_config.tabBrowsing) [Boolean]
globalVisitorIds (wt_config.globalVisitorIds) [Boolean]
execCDB (wt_config.execCDB) [Boolean]
useCDBCache (wt_config.useCDBCache) [Boolean]
useCDBScript (wt_config.useCDBScript) [Boolean]
requestLimitAmount (wt_config.requestLimitAmount)  
requestLimitTime (wt_config.requestLimitTime)  
Track ID (wt_config.trackId)  
Track Domain (wt_config.trackDomain)  
Domain (wt_config.domain)  
Link Track ( wt_config.linkTrack )  
Link Track Attribute (wt_config.linkTrackAttribute)  
Link Track Params (wt_config.linkTrackParams)  
Link Track Downloads (wt_config.linkTrackDownloads) [RegExp Object]
Link Track Pattern (wt_config.linkTrackPattern)  
Llink Track Replace (wt_config.linkTrackReplace)  
Link Track Ignore Pattern (wt_config.linkTrackIgnorePattern)  
No Delay Link Track Attribute (wt_config.noDelayLinkTrackAttribute)  
Pixel Sampling (wt_config.pixelSampling)  
Force HTTPS (wt_config.forceHTTPS)  
Cookie Handling (wt_config.cookie)  
Cookie Domain (wt_config.cookieDomain)  
contentId (wt_config.contentId)  
Form (wt_config.form)  
executePluginFunction (wt_config.executePluginFunction)  
Media Code Cookie (wt_config.mediaCodeCookie)  
Media Code (wt_config.mediaCode)  
Custom wt config item (wt_config.###)  


Variable Description
Custom Visitor ID  
Login Status (loginStatus)  
URM Categories (urmCategory.###)  
Email RID (emailRID)  
Email Opt-In (emailOptin)  
Gender (gender)  
Birthday (birthday) [YYYYMMDD]
Birthday Year (birthdayJ) [YYYY]
Birthday Month (birthdayM) [MM]
Birthday Day (birthdayD)  
CRM Category 1  
CRM Category 2  
CRM Category 3  
CRM Category 4  
CRM Category 5  
CRM Category 6  
CRM Category 7  
CRM Category 8  
CRM Category 9  
CRM Category 10  
Custom Session Parameter 1  
Custom Session Parameter 2  
Custom Session Parameter 3  
Custom Session Parameter 4  
Custom Session Parameter 5  
Custom Session Parameter 6  
Custom Session Parameter 7  
Custom Session Parameter 8  
Custom Session Parameter 9  
Custom Session Parameter 10  

Page Data

Variable Description
Page Title (pageTitle) [String]
Content ID (contentId)  
URL Pattern (pageURLPattern)  
URL Replace (pageURLReplace)  
Tab Browsing (tabBrowsing) [Boolean]
Internal Search (internalSearch) [String]
Number of Search Result (numberSearchResults) [Number]
Error Messages (errorMessages) [String]
Page Type (pageType) [String]
Page Length (pageLength) [String]
Article Title (articleTitle) [String]
Days Since Publication (daysSincePublication) [Number]
Paywell Calls (paywell) [String]
Content Tags (contentTags) [String]
Content Group 1  
Content Group 2  
Content Group 3  
Content Group 4  
Content Group 5  
Content Group 6  
Content Group 7  
Content Group 8  
Content Group 9  
Content Group 10  
Content Group 11  
Content Group 12  
Content Group 13  
Content Group 14  
Content Group 15  
Content Group 16  
Content Group 17  
Content Group 18  
Content Group 19  
Content Group 20  
Content Group 21  
Content Group 22  
Content Group 23  
Content Group 24  
Content Group 25  
Custom Parameter 1  
Custom Parameter 2  
Custom Parameter 3  
Custom Parameter 4  
Custom Parameter 5  
Custom Parameter 6  
Custom Parameter 7  
Custom Parameter 8  
Custom Parameter 9  
Custom Parameter 10  
Custom Parameter 11  
Custom Parameter 12  
Custom Parameter 13  
Custom Parameter 14  
Custom Parameter 15  
Custom Parameter 16  
Custom Parameter 17  
Custom Parameter 18  
Custom Parameter 19  
Custom Parameter 20  
Custom Parameter 21  
Custom Parameter 22  
Custom Parameter 23  
Custom Parameter 24  
Custom Parameter 25  
Custom Parameter 26  
Custom Parameter 27  
Custom Parameter 28  
Custom Parameter 29  
Custom Parameter 30  
Custom Parameter 31  
Custom Parameter 32  
Custom Parameter 33  
Custom Parameter 34  
Custom Parameter 35  
Custom Parameter 36  
Custom Parameter 37  
Custom Parameter 38  
Custom Parameter 39  
Custom Parameter 40  
Custom Parameter 41  
Custom Parameter 42  
Custom Parameter 43  
Custom Parameter 44  
Custom Parameter 45  
Custom Parameter 46  
Custom Parameter 47  
Custom Parameter 48  
Custom Parameter 49  
Custom Parameter 50  

Search & Form Tracking

Variable Description
Form (form) [0/1]
Form Attribute (formAttribute) [String]
Form Value Attribute (formValueAttribute) [String]
Form Field Attribute (formFieldAttribute) [String]
Full Content Form Tracking (formFullContent) [Array]
Form Path Analysis (formPathAnalysis) [true/false]
Anonymous Form Tracking (formAnonymous) [0/1]
Form Field Default Value (formFieldDefaultValue) [String]
Form HTML ID (formTrackInstall)  

Click Tracking

Variable Description
Link Track (linkTrack) [link/standard]
Link Track Attribute (linkTrackAttribute) [String]
Link Track Pattern (linkTrackPattern) [RegExp Object]
Link Track Ignore Pattern (linkTrackIgnorePattern) [String]
Link Track Replace (linkTrackReplace) [String]
Link Track Downloads (linkTrackDownloads) [Array]
Delay Link Track (delayLinkTrack) [true/false]
Delay Link Track Time (delayLinkTrackTime) [Number]
No Delay Link Track Attribute (noDelayLinkTrackAttribute) [String]
Link Track Params  
Link ID for custom tracking (linkId)  

Campaign Tracking

Variable Description
Media Code (mediaCode)  
Media Code Cookie (mediaCodeCookie)  
Campaign ID (campaignId)  
Campaign Action (campaignAction)  
Custom Campaign Parameter 1  
Custom Campaign Parameter 2  
Custom Campaign Parameter 3  
Custom Campaign Parameter 4  
Custom Campaign Parameter 5  
Custom Campaign Parameter 6  
Custom Campaign Parameter 7  
Custom Campaign Parameter 8  
Custom Campaign Parameter 9  
Custom Campaign Parameter 10  

Server Tracking

Variable Description
Send Via Server Activated (sendViaServerActivated) [true/false]
Send Via Server Domain (sendViaServerDomain) [String]
Send Via Server Path (sendViaServerPath) [String]
Send Via Server Dropped Requests (sendViaServerDroppedRequests)  
Send Via Server Blacklist (sendViaServerBlacklist)  


Variable Description
Update Cookie (updateCookie) [Boolean]
Cookie Secure (cookieSecure) [Boolean]
Cookie Ever ID Timeout (cookieEidTimeout) [Number]
Validate Ever ID (validateEverId) [Boolean]
Cookie OptOut Name (optoutName) [String]
Cookie OptOut Time Frame (optoutTimeFrame)  

Request Queue

Variable Description
Request Queue Activated (requestQueueActivated) [Boolean]
requestQueueResendInterval (requestQueueResendInterval) [Number]
Reqquest Queue TTL (requestQueueTTL) [Number]
Request Queue Size (requestQueueSize) [Boolean]

Anonymous Tracking

Variable Description
Enable Anonymous Function (enableAnonymousFunction) [Boolean]
Anonymous Opt In (anonymousOptIn) [Boolean]
Anonymous Cookie Name (anonymousCookieName) [String]
Suppress Identification Parameter (suppressIdentificationParameter) [Array]


Variable Description
Order ID (order_id)  (Overrides _corder )
Order Total (order_total)  (Overrides _ctotal )
Currency (order_currency)  (Overrides _ccurrency )
Coupon Value (order_couponValue)  
List of Names (product_name [Array]
(Overrides _cprodname )
List of Quantities (product_quantity [Array]
(Overrides _cquan )
List of Prices (product_unit_price

(Overrides _cprice )

productCategory (product_category) [Array]
List of Categories 
(Overrides _ccat )
productCategory (product_brand)

List of Brands 
(Overrides _cbrand )

productCategory (product_subcategory [Array]
List of Sub Categories
(Overrides _ccat2
Product Status (productStatus)  
Payment Method (paymentMethod) [String]
Shipping Service (shippingService) [String]
Shipping Speed (shippingSpeed) [String]
Shipping Costs (shippingCosts) [Number]
Gross Margin (grossMargin) [Number]
Order Status (orderStatus) [String]
Product Variant (productVariant) [String]
Product Sold Out (productSoldOut) [0/1]
Product Category 1  
Product Category 2  
Product Category 3  
Product Category 4  
Product Category 5  
Product Category 6  
Product Category 7  
Product Category 8  
Product Category 9  
Product Category 10  
Product Category 11  
Product Category 12  
Product Category 13  
Product Category 14  
Product Category 15  
Product Category 16  
Product Category 17  
Product Category 18  
Product Category 19  
Product Category 20  
Product Category 21  
Product Category 22  
Product Category 23  
Product Category 24  
Product Category 25  
Custom E-Commerce Parameter 1  
Custom E-Commerce Parameter 2  
Custom E-Commerce Parameter 3  
Custom E-Commerce Parameter 4  
Custom E-Commerce Parameter 5  
Custom E-Commerce Parameter 6  
Custom E-Commerce Parameter 7  
Custom E-Commerce Parameter 8  
Custom E-Commerce Parameter 9  
Custom E-Commerce Parameter 10  
Custom E-Commerce Parameter 11  
Custom E-Commerce Parameter 12  
Custom E-Commerce Parameter 13  
Custom E-Commerce Parameter 14  
Custom E-Commerce Parameter 15  
Custom E-Commerce Parameter 16  
Custom E-Commerce Parameter 17  
Custom E-Commerce Parameter 18  
Custom E-Commerce Parameter 19  
Custom E-Commerce Parameter 20  
Custom E-Commerce Parameter 21  
Custom E-Commerce Parameter 22  
Custom E-Commerce Parameter 23  
Custom E-Commerce Parameter 24  
Custom E-Commerce Parameter 25  
Custom E-Commerce Parameter 26  
Custom E-Commerce Parameter 27  
Custom E-Commerce Parameter 28  
Custom E-Commerce Parameter 29  
Custom E-Commerce Parameter 30  
Custom E-Commerce Parameter 31  
Custom E-Commerce Parameter 32  
Custom E-Commerce Parameter 33  
Custom E-Commerce Parameter 34  
Custom E-Commerce Parameter 35  
Custom E-Commerce Parameter 36  
Custom E-Commerce Parameter 37  
Custom E-Commerce Parameter 38  
Custom E-Commerce Parameter 39  
Custom E-Commerce Parameter 40  
Custom E-Commerce Parameter 41  
Custom E-Commerce Parameter 42  
Custom E-Commerce Parameter 43  
Custom E-Commerce Parameter 44  
Custom E-Commerce Parameter 45  
Custom E-Commerce Parameter 46  
Custom E-Commerce Parameter 47  
Custom E-Commerce Parameter 48  
Custom E-Commerce Parameter 49  
Custom E-Commerce Parameter 50