This article describes how to set up the PayPal Shopping Analytics tag in your Tealium iQ Tag Management account.

The SDK collects analytical data from visitors to your website. This data is used by PayPal to provide you an option to re-target visitors who drop off.

In this article:

Tag Tips

  • Use mappings to:
    - Dynamically override config data
    - Dynamically override the E-Commerce extension values
    - Event trigger

Tag Configuration

Navigate to the Tag Marketplace to add a new tag. Read the Tag Overview article for general instructions on how to add a tag.

When adding the tag, configure the following settings:

  • Client ID: For merchants, this is the production client ID. For partners, this is the partner client ID.

Load Rules

Load the tag on all pages or set conditions for when your tag will load. For more information about load rules, see the Load Rules documentation.

Data Mappings

Mapping is the process of sending data from a data layer variable to the corresponding destination variable of the vendor tag. For instructions on how to map a variable to a tag destination, see data mappings.

The available categories are:


Variable Description
Screen Name (client_id) (Required) [String]
User Id (user_id) [String]
First Time Visit (first_time_visit) [Boolean]

Page View

Variable Description
Page Type (page_type) (Required) [String]
Page Name (page_name) [String]
Page Path (page_path) [String]
Page Category Name (page_category_name) [String]
Page Category Id (page_category_id) [String]
Deal Id (deal_id) [String]
Deal Name (deal_name) [String]
Deal Value (deal_value) [String]
Search Results Count (search_results_count) [String]

Product View

Variable Description
Product Id (product_id)  (required) [String] (Overrides _cprod)
Product Name (product_name)  [String] (Overrides _cprodname)
Product Url (product_url) [String]
Product Price (product_price)  [String] (Overrides _cprice)
Product Brand (product_brand)  [String] (Overrides _cbrand)
Product Category Name (product_category_name) [String] (Overrides _ccat)
Product Category Id (product_category_id) [String] 
Product Discount (product_discount)  [String] (Overrides _cpdisc)


Variable Description
Page View (page_view) page_view
Product View (product_view) product_view