Tag Specifications and Requirements


  • Name: Right Media (Yieldmanager)
  • Vendor: Yahoo
  • Type: Advertising


Services: Yahoo Ad Exchange


  • Pixel ID
  • Advertiser ID(s)
  • Advertiser Code(s)

Tag Configuration in Tealium iQ

Adding the Tag

Tealium iQ's Tag marketplace offers a wide variety of Tags. Click here to learn how to add a Tag to your profile.

Configuring the Tag

  1. Title (Required): Enter a descriptive title to identify the Tag instance.
  2. Tag Type (Required): From the drop-down list, choose the type of Yieldmanager pixel you want to implement.
    • Script: This will load the script Tag for which the pixel parameter "t" equals "1".
    • Image: This will load the image Tag for which the pixel parameter "t" equals "2".
  3. ADV (Required): Enter the numeric value of the "adv" parameter. This field applies only to the Script Tag. Example: adv=734359
  4. IDs (Required): Enter the numeric value of the "id" parameter in the pixel. This can be a single ID or a comma-separated list of IDs. Example: id=342764
  5. Codes (Required): Enter the alphanumeric value of the "code" parameter. This can be a single code or a comma-separated list of codes. Example: code=bz7rfgm61y397

Applying Load Rules

Load Rules determine when and where to load an instance of this Tag. The 'Load on All Pages' rule is the default Load Rule. To load this Tag on a specific page, create a new load rule with the relevant conditions.

Note: It is recommended to load this Tag on all pages of your site; use the default "Load on All Pages" Rule.

Setting up Mappings

Mapping is the simple process of sending data from a data source, in your Data Layer, to the matching destination variable of the vendor Tag. The Mapping toolbox for this Tag does NOT offer any pre-defined destination variables. However, you can provide custom (more like 'user-defined') variables as the Tag's destination. To do so, select the appropriate data source from the drop-down list and enter a custom label in the adjacent textfield (see example screenshot below).


Vendor Documentation

How to set up Mappings How to set up Load Rules How to add a Tag