This article describes how to add and configure the Tradedoubler Conversion Tracking Tag.

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Migrating from the legacy Trackback Tag

Read this section if you are currently using the Tradedoubler Trackback Tag. The Trackback Tag is now deprecated in favor of the new Conversion Tracking version and no longer offered in the Tag Marketplace. Be sure to deactivate any Trackback Tag instances before adding the new Conversion Tracking Tag. 

Tag Configuration

First, go to Tealium's Tag Marketplace and add the Tradedoubler Conversion Tracking Tag to your profile (how to add a Tag?).

After adding the Tag, configure the below settings:

  • Title: The default is "Tradedoubler Conversion Tracking". You may replace it with a custom name of choice.
  • Tag Type (Required): Choose the type of Tag you want to load.
    • Sale: Loads the Sales tracking pixel hosted on
    • Lead: Loads the Leads tracking pixel hosted on
    • Product: Loads the product level tracking pixel
  • Organization ID (Required): The numeric organization id provided by TradeDoubler. This field applies only if the Tag Type is set to Sales or Lead.
  • Event ID (Required): The numeric identifier assigned to the sale/lead event you want to track. This field applies only if the Tag Type is set to Sales or Lead. If you prefer to set this value via Data Mappings, you must leave this field blank.

Load Rules

Load Rules determine when and where to load an instance of this Tag. The 'Load on All Pages' rule is the default Rule. If you prefer to load this Tag on a specific page, create a new rule with the relevant conditions.

Best Practices:

  • The Sales Tag should be placed on the confirmation page, one that appears post completion of a sale.
  • The Lead Tag should be placed on pages that allow site visitors to sign-up or register.
  • The Product Tag should be placed on a page where you want to track visitor interactions with products and product categories.

Data Mappings

Mapping is the process of sending data from a Data Layer Variable to the corresponding destination variable of the vendor Tag. For instructions on how to map a Variable to a Tag destination, see Data Mappings.

The destination variables for the Tradedoubler Conversion Tracking Tag are built into its Data Mapping tab. 

Standard Tab

Tag Destination Description
Organization ID

Organization identifier provided by Tradedoubler

Event ID

The numeric identifier assigned to the lead/sale event you want to track. This is provided by Tradedoubler

Tag Type

The type of Tradedoubler pixel you are loading on the page. Mapped variable must contain one of the following values: "lead", "sale" or "product"

Tradedoubler Unique Tracking ID The tduid parameter value that was set in a cookie and session variable on the redirect page
Checksum The checksum value to help detect fraud 
Hashed Email Address Hash of the customer's email address
ID Type

Boolean value representing the user ID type. Mapped variable must contain:

  • "0" if using user's email address
  • "1" if using an internal user id 
Voucher Code Voucher code of the transaction
Valid On [YYYY-MM-DD] The date by which a transaction will be automatically approved and can no longer be modified or declined.


Because the Tradedoubler Conversion Tracking Tag is e-commerce enabled, it will automatically use the default E-Commerce Extension mappings. Manually mapping in this category is generally not needed unless:

  • you want to override any Extension mappings
  • your desired e-commerce variable is not offered in the Extension
Destination Description E-Commerce Extension Variable
Order ID Unique identifier assigned to the final order _corder
Sub Total Sub total amount of the final order _csubtotal 
Currency Currency used in the payment _ccurrency
List of Product IDs Unique identifier of each product in the product array _cprod
List of Product SKUs Name of each product in the product array _csku
List of Quantities Quantity of each product in the product array _cquan
List of Prices Unit price of each product in the product array _cprice
List of Product Group IDs Array of product category identifiers NA 

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