Overview of Webtrends

Webtrends has 2 main types of server calls:

1 - Page Load - this happens automatically upon calling the Webtrends js file

2 - Link/Click – this correlates to the Webtrends.dcsMultiTrack function

The library does a lot of link/download/anchor/offsite link tracking on its own.

Data Layer

In relation to SiteCatalyst, there is no SDR type document for Webtrends. If any custom data needs to be passed through then just set the proper UDO variable.

Configuring the Tag

<!-- START OF SmartSource Data Collector TAG -->

<!-- Copyright (c) 1996-2009 WebTrends Inc.  All rights reserved. -->
<!-- Version: 8.6.2 -->
<!-- Tag Builder Version: 3.0  -->
<!-- Created: 6/26/2009 6:57:54 AM -->

<!-- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -->
<!-- Warning: The two script blocks below must remain inline. Moving them to an external -->
<!-- JavaScript include file can cause serious problems with cross-domain tracking.      -->
<!-- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -->
<!-- START OF SmartSource Data Collector TAG v10.2.10 -->
<!-- Copyright (c) 2012 Webtrends Inc.  All rights reserved. -->
<script src="/javascript/v2/cmn/lib/plugins/third-party/webTrends/webtrends.load.js"></script><!-- END OF SmartSource Data Collector TAG -->

The most important pieces to set are the first 4 configurations.
Code Version: Noted in the comments
DCSID: The length alphanumeric customer code e.g. dcs2omr9fpifwznrgv67zf9ub_7p8i
Collection Server: This is the server that hosts the pixel for data collection
Timezone: This is the timezone of the server

Most other configurations will stay the default.


The mapping toolbox for Webtrends is pretty straightforward. Select a variable you want to map and click “Select Data Source”. A mapping toolbox will appear like so:

You can select where you want the variable to be mapped to by simply selecting a destination (e.g. Page Title ) and hitting save.

If mapping a custom variable, prepand the variable name with "DCSext." like so:

This tag does not have E-commerce extension support so manual mapping of data may be required.

Tips and Tricks

Webtrends - Getting Started

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Webtrends - Events and AJAX

Webtrends - preserve
By default this is set to "true" which means the base set of parameters collected during the track call will remain unmodified and be passed by later calls to dcsMultiTrack. If this value is set to "false", then all base page variables (parameters) passed during page load (track call) will be cleared and not resent for any other event on the same page.

The "Track Events" configuration will currently set  the download, offsite, anchor, and javascript options to true or false. If you need to overwrite one particular value such as download use the following code in a JavaScript extension scoped to Webtrends: