Provides a reference for the mapping toolbox names to the underlying Webtrends values


The purpose of this article is for reference only and outlines the names in the mapping toolbox with the Webtrends value. This export was done on 2/20/2015.


Mapping Toolbox Name Webtrends Value
DCSID (dcsid) dcsid
Page Title WT.ti
Content Group Name WT.cg_n
Content Group Subname WT.cg_s
RSS Feed Name WT.rss_f
RSS Artice Name WT.rss_a
RSS Event WT.rss_ev
Media Type WT.clip_t
Media Name WT.clip_n
Media Event WT.clip_ev
Application Name WT.ria_a
Application Content WT.ria_c
Application Feature WT.ria_f
Application Event WT.ria_ev
Consumer Generated Media Type WT.cgm_t
Consumer Generated Media Event WT.cgm_ev
Test Variant WT.test_v
SmartView Link WT.svl
Scenario Name WT.si_n
Scenario Step Name WT.si_p
Scenario Step ID WT.si_x
Scenario Conversion Step WT.si_cs
Ad Click
Profile ID WT.sp
Server Name
Split Parameter WT.sp
Web Client Time Zone
Browsing Hour
User Language WT.ul
Color Depth
Screen Resolution
Java Enabled
JavaScript Enabled WT.js
JavaScript Version WT.jv
Connection Type WT.ct
Home Page WT.hp
Browser Size
Flash Installed
Flash Version WT.fv
Language Encoding WT.le
Meta Language Encoding WT.mle
Encoding Method WT.em
Silverlight Version WT.slv
SKU ID WT.pn_sku
Product ID WT.pn_id
Product Family WT.pn_fa
Product Group WT.pn_gr
Product Subcategory WT.pn_sc
Product Manufacturer WT.pn_ma
Product Supplier WT.pn_su
Cart ID WT.tx_cartid
Transaction Type WT.tx_t
Transaction Units WT.tx_u
Transaction Subtotal WT.tx_s
Transaction Event WT.tx_e
Transaction Invoice Number WT.tx_i
Transaction Invoice Date WT.tx_id
Transaction Invoice Time WT.tx_it
Visitor ID WT.dcsvid
Registered Visitor WT.rv
Segment ID WT.seg_x
Search Engine Type WT.srch
Marketing Campaign ID WT.mc_id
Marketing Campaign Event WT.mc_ev
Page of Interest WT.pi
On-site Search Phrase WT.oss
On-site Search # of Results WT.oss_r
Transition Source Page WT.tsp
Transition Target Page WT.ttp
Most Recent Campaign WT.vr.rac
Most Recent Campaign Demand Channel WT.vr.rac_dc
Most Recent Campaign Description WT.vr.rac_de
Most Recent Campaign Creative WT.vr.rac_cr
Most Recent Campaign Creative Type WT.vr.rac_ct
Most Recent Campaign Marketing Activity WT.vr.rac_ma
Most Recent Campaign Offer WT.vr.rac_of
Most Recent Campaign Partner WT.vr.rac_pa
Most Recent Campaign Placement WT.vr.rac_pl
Most Recent Campaign Day WT.vr.rac_d
Most Recent Campaign Week WT.vr.rac_w
Most Recent Campaign Month WT.vr.rac_m
Most Recent Campaign Quarter WT.vr.rac_q
Most Recent Campaign Year WT.vr.rac_y
Most Recent Campaign First Visit WT.vr.rac_f
Ads - Timezone ("pacific","mountain","central","eastern")
Ads - Marin ID (marinID)
YouTube - Mode ("automatic","manual")
YouTube - DCSID (dcsid)
Replicate Servers (servers) [Array of Objects] plugins.replicate.servers
Replicate callbackTimeout (callbackTimeout) plugins.replicate.callbackTimeout