This article describes how to set up the Xandr (formerly AppNexus) Seller Tag tag in your Tealium iQ Tag Management account.

Xandr Seller Tag (AST) is a single tag that handles multiple placements per page & supports different ad formats.

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Tag Tips

  • Use the mapping toolbox to map ad sizes and to target div ids and inventory codes.
  • Use the Content Modification extension to add a new Ad Target Div.
  • Ad Size format example: [[300,250],[728,90]]

Tag Configuration

First, go to the Tealium tag marketplace and add the Xandr Seller tag (Learn more about how to add a tag).

After adding the tag, configure the following settings:

  • Member ID
    Your Xandr supplied member ID.
  • endpoint
    The Impression Bus endpoint to which ad requests are made.

Data Mappings

Mapping is the process of sending data from a data layer variable to the corresponding destination variable of the vendor tag. For instructions on how to map a variable to a tag destination, see Data Mappings.

The available categories are:

Page Level Options

Variable Description
Member ID (setPageOpts.member) [Number]
keywords (setPageOpts.keywords) [Object]
keywords custom (setPageOpts.keywords.custom) [String]
disablePsa (setPageOpts.disablePsa) [Boolean]
enableSafeFrame (setPageOpts.enableSafeFrame) [Boolean]
user (setPageOpts.user) [Object]
age (setPageOpts.user.age) [Number]
externalUid (setPageOpts.user.externalUid) [String]
segments (setPageOpts.user.segments) [Array of Numbers]
gender (setPageOpts.user.gender) [String]
dnt (setPageOpts.user.dnt) [Boolean]
language (setPageOpts.user.language) [String]

Define Tag

Variable Description
tagId [Number] tagId
sizes [Array of Numbers] sizes
sizeMapping [Array of Objects] sizeMapping
targetId [String] targetId
forceCreativeId [Number] forceCreativeId
allowSmallerSizes [Boolean] allowSmallerSizes
allowedFormats [Array of Strings] allowedFormats
position [String] position
disablePsa [Boolean] disablePsa
nobidIfUnsold [Boolean] nobidIfUnsold
keywords [Object] keywords
keywords.custom [string] keywords.custom
trafficSourceCode [String] trafficSourceCode
privateSizes [Array of Numbers] privateSizes
supplyType [String] supplyType
pubClick [String] pubClick
reserve [Number] reserve
extInvCode [String] extInvCode
native [Object] native
externalImpId [String] externalImpId
enableSafeFrame [Boolean] enableSafeFrame
Member ID (Override) [Number] member
allowExpansionByPush [Boolean] setSafeFrameConfig.allowExpansionByPush
allowExpansionByOverlay [Boolean] setSafeFrameConfig.allowExpansionByOverlay
rendererOptions [Object] rendererOptions
- playerTechnology [Array] rendererOptions.playerTechnology
- adText [String] rendererOptions.adText
- showMute [Boolean] rendererOptions.showMute
- showVolume [Boolean] rendererOptions.showVolume
- showProgressBar [Boolean] rendererOptions.showProgressBar
- allowFullscreen [Boolean] rendererOptions.allowFullscreen
- skippable [Object] rendererOptions.skippable
- videoThreshold [Number] rendererOptions.skippable.videoThreshold
- videoOffset [Number] rendererOptions.skippable.videoOffset
- skipLocation [String] rendererOptions.skippable.skipLocation
- skipText [String] rendererOptions.skippable.skipText
- skipButtonText [String] rendererOptions.skippable.skipButtonText

Device Options

Variable Description
appid ( [Object]
device (setPageOpts.device) [Object]
deviceId (setPageOpts.device.deviceId) [Object]
idfa (setPageOpts.device.deviceId.idfa) [String]
aaid (setPageOpts.device.deviceId.aaid) [String]
md5udid (setPageOpts.device.deviceId.md5udid) [String]
sha1udid (setPageOpts.device.deviceId.sha1udid) [String]
windowsadid (setPageOpts.device.deviceId.windowsadid) [String]
deviceType (setPageOpts.device.deviceType) [String]
useragent (setPageOpts.device.useragent) [String]
geo (setPageOpts.device.geo) [Object]
ip (setPageOpts.device.ip) [String]
make (setPageOpts.device.make) [String]
model (setPageOpts.device.model) [String]
os (setPageOpts.device.os) [String]
osVersion (setPageOpts.device.osVersion) [String]
carrier (setPageOpts.device.carrier) [String]
connectionType (setPageOpts.device.connectionType) [Number]
mcc (setPageOpts.device.mcc) [String]
mnc (setPageOpts.device.mnc) [String]
devTime (setPageOpts.device.devTime) [Number]