How to Create a Post

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To ask a question to the whole community, you need to create a post.


While creating a post is very easy, there are some tips on creating an effective post, so that people can help you with your issue or utilize information provided by you properly.


  1. You must be logged into the Tealium Learning Community in order to ask a quetion or create a post. 
  2. The Community is divided into categories and then boards. Before writing a post select the category and then board that is the most closely related to your question. 
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  3. If you do not know where to post your question go to the search box in the upper right hand corner of the Community and search for your topic. For example, if you have a question about AudienceStream, you can type the words AudienceStream to see if your question has already been answered. 
    Tealium Learning Community User Forums

  4. If the solution does not answer your question, go back to the related category board and make your own post. 
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  5. Click the "New Post" button.
  6. Give your post a descriptive title. This title will become the name of your URL for your post. Type the title into the subject line. Use the body section to explain your problem. 
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    It is important to include the following in your post:

    1. Describe the problem.
    2. Mention the product that you are using (Tealium iQ Tag Management, AudienceStream, DataAccess).
    3. Give the error message you are seeing, if applicable.
  7. You can sign up to receive an email when someone answers your question. Click the check box under Subscriptions that says, "Email me when someone replies." An email will be sent to your account. 
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  8. Click post to submit your question. 
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  9. That's all there is to it.


Once you create a post - you would have automatically subscribed for that thread, i.e., you would always be notified about any updates on this topic, through your e-mail.

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