New EU law for Privacy

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With more an more news about the upcoming new EU law about Privacy and data protection, how will Tealium adapt to meet those requirements during next year?


I am thinking of not only the Privacy extension but some overall support to meet demands for consent, audit tracking, cookie handling a s o. Interesting is of course also that this will not only apply to European sites, but to European visitors to any site also outside EU. If rumours later on will become true about very high penalties, no company want to get nailed with not being compliant.



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New EU law for Privacy

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Although I agree with your sentiment I firmly believe this is not a function of the tool rather a function of the business.  Management of customer data is an integral part of a digitial program and should be treated with the highlest level of sensitivty.  I think that having extensions in Tealium to help control the flow of personal information is great but the responsibility ultimately falls on the business owners to govern the data they are collecting.  

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