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Setting Rules inside an Audience Stream Action

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I think it would be very useful if we could set rules inside the "when" input of Actions inside Audience Stream.


"when" input AS


For example, imagine I want to send a Mobile push notification with a discount information to the users that are inside a "possible buyers" audience, but I want to send it not when the user enter/live the audience but when he visit an specific page of the website. I know I can set a new audience to match my requirements, but conceptually, I think the user is in the same audience and I want to trigger the action under an specific condition.


Do you know if this is something that is going to be possible in the future?

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Re: Setting Rules inside an Audience Stream Action

Great use case @nicolas_lozano. Thank you for the idea! I cannot speak to whether or not this will be added to AudienceStream, but I can forward the idea along. :-)

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