This series covers a cookie matching solution for DoubleClick customers that uses AudienceStream and iQ Tag Management.

The following steps provide links to procedures with dependencies on one another. The steps must be performed in the order listed:

  1. Request DMP Whitelist and Configure Connector Credentials
    This solution is dependent on adding Tealium to the DMP whitelist for your DoubleClick account. Tealium recommends starting this process while you proceed with the other configurations, as it requires correspondence between you and your Google account manager, which might take some time.

  2. Setting Up AudienceStream
    This article shows how to create visitor attributes to capture the matched Google ID and add those visitors to an audience in AudienceStream.

  3. Setting Up iQ Tag Management
    This article shows how to configure the cookie matching tag in iQ Tag Management.

  4. Setting Up the DoubleClick Bid Manager Connector
    This article shows how to put all of the pieces together in configuring the DoubleClick Bid Manager connector.
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