This article describes how to manage your privacy within the Tealium Learning Center. The information here is an extension to the main Tealium privacy policy described here: Privacy at Tealium.

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How to Change Your Tracking Preferences

You can change your consent preferences for the TLC at any time by clicking here:

How to Retrieve Your Community Account Information

You have the right to know what information about you is stored in the community. To retrieve your information from the community, go to: My Settings > Personal > Personal Information then scroll to the bottom to find these options:

  • My community content
    Download all community posts and engagement associated to your account.
  • My personal information
    Download all personal information associated to your account.

How to Close Your Community Account

You can close your account by going to: My Settings > Personal > Close Account

Closing your account will remove your user name and avatar from the community site, but all of your posts and replies will be preserved. 

Will closing my account also remove my posts, replies, kudos, etc.?

No. Your contributions (posts, comments) and engagement (kudos, accepted solutions) will be retained, but they will be disassociated from your user account and replaced with a "Anonymous" user. This user will have a generic username and avatar to distinguish it from other users. 

Can I recover my community account if I change my mind later on?

No, the closed account cannot be recovered. If you want to rejoin the community, you must register as a new user.

If I register again, can I use the same username?

If available, you can register with the same username in the community. However, it will be treated as a new account with no association to the previously closed one.