This article describes how to use Action Frequency Capping and Prioritization features in AudienceStream to control and prioritize action triggers. 

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How it Works

By default, actions in AudienceStream fire as soon as their conditions are met.  Depending on your connector choice, the actions configured fire when a user joins or leaves an audience or when a user is in the audience at the beginning or end of the visit.

  • Action Frequency Capping
    Allows you to prevent actions from triggering too close together by prioritizing which actions to trigger relative to one another while ensuring that the most important action still triggers.
  • Prioritization
    AudienceStream separately provides an option to set delays to prevent individual actions from triggering immediately. You can optionally configure delays in combination a cooldown.

    The highest priority number specified becomes the highest priority. For example, a priority of "2" is higher than a priority of "1”. All non-capped actions trigger independently without delay and are not affected by the cooldown.

    If two actions in the same cooldown group have the same priority, only one of them will trigger. If you need both actions to trigger, use separate cooldown groups.

  • Cooldown with Frequency Capping
    When visitors qualify for numerous actions, such as emails, you can control the triggering by restricting the frequency of actions within a specific time period and then decide which actions to trigger and which to ignore. This will avoid spamming.

    Cooldown only applies when an action is enabled for Frequency Cap and the connector configuration is assigned an action priority number. The action priority number dictates which actions to trigger in the event that several actions in the same cooldown are fulfilled simultaneously.

  • Frequency Cap On
    When the Frequency Cap is toggled to On, the highest priority action in a Cooldown Group is triggered. No actions in the same Cooldown Group trigger for the rest of the cooldown period and they will not trigger automatically when the cooldown period expires.
  • Frequency Cap Off
    Action does not qualify for cooldown and, therefore, will trigger as and when the triggering condition/event occurs.
  • Workflow
    The following steps summarize frequency capping and prioritization the workflow:
    1. AudienceStream evaluates the conditions for all actions in a Cooldown Group.
    2. If only one action condition is true, AudienceStream instantly triggers that action.
    3. If more conditions are true simultaneously, AudienceStream evaluates their action priorities and then triggers only the highest priority action.
    4. During the cooldown hours configured for the group, no actions in that group trigger.
    5. When frequency capping is in progress, non-capped actions are not affected by the cooldown and trigger independently without being throttled.
    6. If an action has a delay set, the delay is respected.
    7. The cooldown starts after the delayed action triggers. For example, if the action is set with a two hour delay, it will not trigger until after the delay.
    8. If a higher priority action triggers before the delay time configured is met, the cooldown takes effect and suppresses the delayed action.
    9. When the cooldown expires, AudienceStream reevaluates the conditions and starts over from Step 2.

Adding a New Cooldown Group

When you add a new Cooldown Group, the group is available to all frequency capped actions in your profile.

Use the following steps to add a new cooldown group:

  1. In the sidebar, navigate to AudienceStream.
  2. Click the drop-down list in the user menu and select Manage Cooldown.
    WhiteUI_TiQ_ActionFrequencyCappingAndPrioritizaton_Manage Cooldown.png
  3. Click + Add Cooldown Group.
  4. Click the Color drop-down list and select a color to display for this group.
    WhiteUI_TiQ_ActionFrequencyAndCapping_Adding a New Cooldown Group.png
  5. In the Name field, enter a unique name to identify this group.
  6. In the Duration drop-down list, enter a custom number (in hours) or select 6, 12, 24, or 48 hours.
    The number of hours will determine the wait time between triggering eligible actions.
  7. Click Save to confirm.

Using the Default Cooldown Group

WhiteUI_TiQ_ActionFrequencyCappingAndPrioritization_Default Cooldown Group.pngThe Default Cooldown Group applies to frequency capped actions when no other cooldown is configured in your profile.  You can edit the color and duration settings for the Default Cooldown Group and apply it to selected frequency capped actions but you cannot edit the name.


Applying a Cooldown Group to a Connector Action

This section describes how to apply a Cooldown Group to a Connector action. You may apply a cooldown group to one or more frequency capped actions in the same connector.

Use the following steps to apply a Cooldown Group to a connector action:

  1. In the sidebar, navigate to AudienceStream > Audience Connectors.
  2. Click My Connectors.
  3. Click a connector to expand the details and click Edit.
    WhiteUI_AudienceStream_ActionFrequencyCappingAndPrioritization_Apply Cooldown Group to Connector.png
  4. Click the Actions tab and use the drop-down list to select the action for which you want to apply Frequency Capping.
  5. Click + Create Action.
  6. Scroll down to Frequency Cap and click On.
  7. Under Action Priority, use the up or down arrow to assign a number as the action priority.

    Do not set to zero or a negative number. Assign the priorities in increments of 10 instead of consecutive numbers. This makes it easier to insert a new action later without having to update the priority values for other actions.

  8. Under Action Cooldown Group, use the drop-down list to select a group.
    WhiteUI_AudienceStream_ActionFrequencyCappingAndPrioritization_Select Action Cooldown Group for Connector.png
  9. Click Save.
  10. Save and Publish your profile.

Usage Example

This section provides a usage example using a sample scenario. In this scenario, it is assumed that your profile has two Cooldown Groups and one connector with four actions.

Action Name Cooldown Group Cooldown Hours Priority Number Additional Delay
A Group 1 48 hours 40
B Group 1 48 hours 30 2 hours
C Default 24 hours 1
D No Cooldown

In this scenario, cooldowns are applied to the actions as follows:

  • Cooldown Group 1
    • If Action A evaluates to true before Action B, only Action A triggers.
    • The 48-hour cooldown starts, during which time neither Action A or B trigger.
    • If Action B evaluates to true before Action A, only Action B triggers after the 2 hours configured as an additional delay.
    • The 48-hour cooldown starts, during which time neither Action A or B trigger.
    • If Actions A and B are both true at the same time, only Action A triggers because it is assigned the highest priority number.
    • The 48-hour cooldown starts, during which time neither Action A or B trigger.
  • Default Cooldown
    • When Action C evaluates to true, it is triggered instantly.
    • The 24-hour cooldown starts, during which time Action C will not trigger again.
    • Action D triggers immediately after its condition is met and is not throttled by any cooldown.
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