This article explains how to use the boolean attribute data type. Booleans are used to store true or false values.

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How it Works

Before you begin, familiarize yourself with the following:

A boolean attribute (a.k.a flag) is used to store the true or false value of a condition. For example, a boolean could store whether or not a visitor had added items to their cart or visited a specific section of site. 

The boolean attribute is available in the following scopes: Event, Visit, Visitor.


Boolean Enrichments

Set Boolean

Use this enrichment to set the boolean attribute to true or false.

This example shows how to know if a visitor has added an item to his/her cart using a boolean attribute named "Did Add to Cart". Initialize the attribute by settting it to false at the beginning of each visit, then set it to true whenever the cart_add event occurs.

Create two enrichments to achieve this:

Set to: false
WHEN: New Visit
Set to: true
WHEN: Any event
Rule: tealium_event equals "cart_add"

Attribute Name: Did Add to Cart

Starting Value ""
Enriched With true
Resulting Value true