Consent events are used to collect user responses to tracking and data privacy prompts.

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Data privacy and tracking are important to consider when collecting visitor activity. These consent events provide a way to send consent changes into the Customer Data Hub.  These events are offered as Event Specifications under the category "Privacy".

Consent events are used for auditing purposes and to enforce which connectors can run server-side.

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Consent Change Events

The following consent events use these optional parameters:

Name Description Example
policy The context of the consent, usually specific to the terms presented to the visitor upon gaining consent. "gdpr"
consent_categories The category names of approved types of tracking and data collection. ["Affiliates", "Social"]


This event indicates that the visitor has granted full consent to tracking and data collection.


    "tealium_event" : "grant_full_consent",
    "policy"        : "gdpr"


This event indicates that the visitor has only granted partial consent to be tracked. This event is accompanied by a list of category names that the user has consented to.


    "tealium_event"      : "grant_partial_consent",
    "policy"             : "gdpr",
    "consent_categories" : ["Affiliates", "Social"]


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