This article will explain how to use Data Sources with existing iQ Tag Management accounts that are currently sending data to the Customer Data Hub .

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How Data Sources Work with iQ

A data source requires an installation of the Tealium Collect service. For iQ Tag Management accounts, where you have already installed a Tealium library on your website (utag.js) or mobile app (iOS/Android SDK), the Collect service is deployed via the Tealium Collect Tag or the mobile Collect dispatch module. To connect a data source to one of these Collect services the data source key must be specified in the installation--either in the Tealium Collect tag configuration or in the mobile library initialization code.

If you haven't already, create a Data Source for your iQ account, choosing either the iQ Tag Management platform or the iOS or Android platform. Then copy the unique "Data Source Key" value and proceed below to connect the data source to an iQ profile via one of the following methods:

Example data source key:


Single-Site iQ Profiles

A single-site profile has been deployed to one web property. To connect an iQ profile to a iQ Tag Management data source in Customer Data Hub you must have an active Tealium Collect tag.

To add the data source key to the Tealium Collect tag:

  1. In your iQ profile, add the Tealium Collect tag

    If you already have the Tealium Collect tag you must update the tag template. (How do I update a tag template?)

  2. Paste the data source key into the Data Source Key field in the tag configuration, as seen here:
  3. Save/Publish

Multi-Site iQ Profiles

A multi-site profile has been deployed to more than one web property (ie. more than one domain) and the iQ configuration is used to dynamically set values based on the site.

To get started you will need to create an iQ Tag Management Data Source in Customer Data Hub for each web property that is serviced by the iQ profile. To connect those data sources to each site serviced by the iQ profile use a Lookup Table extension to dynamically set the data layer variable tealium_datasource based on the site name or domain. This will ensure that the Tealium Collect tag receives a dynamic value for the data source key.

A data mapping is not needed because the Tealium Collect tag automatically looks for the tealium_datasource variable.

To add multiple data source keys to the Tealium Collect tag:

  1. Add a Lookup Table extension
  2. Set the Lookup Value In to domain (or another variable that distinguishes your sites from one another)
  3. Set the Destination to tealium_datasource (click the + button to add it if it doesn't already exist)
  4. Enter an expected value for each site in the Lookup Match field
  5. Enter the matching data source key in the Output field
  6. Save/Publish

The Tealium Collect tag will automatically include the tealium_datasource attribute in its payload to Customer Data Hub. The value will be dynamically set based on the output of the Lookup Table.


Mobile iQ Profiles

A mobile profile is used for an installation of either the Tealium for iOS or Tealium for Android library. To connect a mobile iQ profile to an Android or iOS Data Source in Customer Data Hub you must enable either the native Tealium Collect service or the Tag Management service with an active Tealium Collect tag (learn more about Mobile Library Settings in iQ). 

Mobile Profile with Tag Management and Tealium Collect Tag

A mobile iQ profile that uses the Tag Management service with the Tealium Collect tag will follow the same proces for Single Site iQ Profiles.

Mobile Profile with Native Tealium Collect

A mobile iQ profile that uses the native Tealium Collect service must update the mobile library code to include the data source key in the initialization. Follow the installation instructions for your chosen mobile Data Source platform to make this change.

As an alternative, you can disable the Tealium Collect service, enable the Tag Management service, add the Tealium Collect tag, then follow the same process for Single Site iQ Profiles.