In the Funnel Attribute article, you learned how to configure a Funnel and create 'Steps'. Here, you will discuss the example of a multistep, registration event and learn how to funnel out the steps, one at a time.

Free Trial Registration Funnel

Let's assume you allow your visitors to try a premium product for free before buying it. The trial product, however, is only available to visitors who complete a simple, three-step registration process. You define all the steps in your Funnel and arrange them in the order the visitor must complete them. There are two ways to do this:

  • Add them in the reverse chronological order.
  • Or add them in a random order, then drag each step to the appropriate position.

For this example, you will follow the reverse chronological method. Be certain to mark each step as 'Required'. It's how you will know who successfully registered and who dropped off before the end.

1. Add the Funnel Attribute. Give it a title and set the scope.

Funnel Title: Free Trial Registration
Funnel Scope: Visitor

2. Create the final step of the registration, one that brings the visitor to the 'Thank you' page. Being the only step at this point, it is automatically set to Required. No Attribute data is captured here.

Title: Step 3-Trial Complete
Rule: Free Trial - Thanks
  Current URL contains (ignore case) "freetrialthanks.html"

3. Create the intermediate step that requires the visitor to click the 'Register' button. This step is 'Required' but no Attribute data is captured here.

NOTE: Prior to this step, you have to track the button with a jQuery listener and capture the category and action data when it is clicked by a visitor. In Tealium iQ, add two UDO variables, ga_category and ga_action, then configure the jQuery Extension. Only then will the Data Sources be available to the Rule condition.

Title: Step 2-Trial Engaged
  ga_category contains (ignore case) "free trial"
  ga_action contains "engaged"

4. Create the first step that brings the visitor to the free trial registration page. This step is 'Required' but no Attribute data is captured here.

Title: Step 1- Trial Landed
Rule: Free Trial Landing
  Current URL contains (ignore case)"freetrial.html"


When a required step is completed, it is immediately funneled out while the visitor advances in the registration. This pattern of tracking and funneling continues until the visitor has successfully registered for the product. On the other hand, the registration is deemed incomplete should the visitor fail to complete any step in the Funnel.