The following scenarios are relevant:

  • I'm not seeing some visit/visitor records in AudienceStore/AudienceDB.
  • Visit/visitor enrichments that trigger on end of visit are not working.
  • I'm trying to join data from AudienceDB to EventDB and some rows are missing.

What could be causing this?


A single-page visit (or session) occurs when a visitor leaves your website or mobile app from the landing page (or launch screen) without any further interaction. This results in a single event received in AudienceStream for that visitor. AudienceStream then performs additional processing on visitors at the end of a visit, but single-event visits are handled differently from multi-event visits.

A single-event visit/visitor meets all of the following conditions:

  • Only One Event Received at End of Visit
    The number of events received at the end of the visit is equal to 1.
  • No Visitor Stitching
    The single event does not result in visitor stitching, such as a login event containing a secondary ID.
  • No Badges Assigned
    The single event does not result in any Badge attributes being assigned.

If any of these conditions are not met, the visit/visitor will not be treated as a single-event. In addition, if a single-event visitor returns for a new session, it will be treated as a new visitor in AudienceStream.

Single-event visits and visitors are not persisted in AudienceStream, are not passed to AudienceStore, and are not stored in AudienceDB.

Things to consider:

  • Omnichannel
    These conditions do not apply to visit/visitor events received from an omnichannel import.
  • EventStore/EventDB Discrepancies
    If the "All Events" feed is persisted to EventStore/EventDB you will encounter event records that do not have a matching visit/visitor record in AudienceStore/AudienceDB due to this behavior.


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