This article covers the different ways to install Tealium on your platform to begin collecting data into the Customer Data Hub.  

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Web Installation

tag_management_01.pngFor customers with an iQ Tag Management account, the Customer Data Hub has a simple integration for collecting data--the Tealium Collect Tag. Adding this tag to your iQ account will instantly connect your web installation of utag.js to the Customer Data Hub. The Tealium Collect Tag will gather the on-page data layer, page performance metrics, and third-party vendor tag status information into a single tracking call to the Customer Data Hub where that data will begin fueling your visitor profiles and audiences, cloud-based connectors, and data storage solutions.

Learn how to set up the Tealium Collect Tag.

Installation Libraries


For other platforms that are not managed through iQ Tag Management, we offer installation libraries that make it simple to begin sending data to the Customer Data Hub. Each library has an easy setup process to get your installation up and running quickly. Once the code is installed you'll need your account name and profile name to begin sending data to Customer Data Hub.

Check out our installation guides to get started.