Appsflyer is a mobile attribution SDK specializing in enabling customer’s to measure campaigns in a single real time dashboard. Integrating the AppsFlyer SDK platform with Tealium’s AudienceStream platform involves the following development process for Tealium/AppsFlyer mutual customers:


  • Upon conversion, the customer’s mobile application will integrate a listener function provided by AppsFlyer SDK. Documentation on this function can be found on AppsFlyer website: How to get attribution information from the AppsFlyer SDK
  • By integrating with this function, and having received the attribution data from AppsFlyer, the customer’s mobile application will then send a direct call to the Tealium REST endpoint providing all Tealium-specific parameters in addition to AppsFlyer customer attribution data. For documentation on the Tealium REST endpoint, please refer to What is /vdata/ Pixel format.


  • Customer’s mobile application receives media_source=”Google” +campaign_name =”mycampaign” key/values from the AppsFlyer SDK.
  • The mobile application then appends this information along with any unique device information such as the device Advertising Identifier (idfa for IOS, adid for Android), and any other unique identifier values of choice and sends to Tealium.
  • Customer’s mobile application triggers the Tealium REST endpoint. Here’s an example:


  • These values are ingested by AudienceStream and can then be used to send data to any Connectors.