You want to add shoe fans to the "Shoe Lovers" list in MailChimp.

Step 1: Create and define Visitor ID attribute

We need to configure this attribute to store the user's email address.


Step 2: Define your attribute and audience logic.

Here, you'll create the logic for segmenting our visitors.

I created the audience, “Shoe Fans”. I then set up logic so that all visitors with the "Shoe Fan Badge", and a true "Known User" flag (created attribute) will be added to the audience

NOTE: "Known user" flag was created to determine whether or not we know who the user is. If there is an email address associated with user, it is set to true. If no email address, it is set to false. This is a necessary condition due to the fact that one cannot subscribe a user to an email list without having an email address.

Audience Configuration Screen

Step 3: Sign Up/ log in to service

You may sign up at

Send Better Email | MailChimp

Step 4: Create your list

Once you have logged in or signed up, navigate to the "Lists" tab in the top left hand portion of the screen. From there, click the grey "Create List" button on the right of the screen. You may now enter in the details you want to create for your list.


Step 5: Find or create the API Key you will use.

Locate your account dropdown at the top of your Mailchimp window (i.e: Bryan Testing). Click the "Account" tab.


From here, click onto "Extras" and then onto "API Keys". Click the grey, "Create A Key" to create the key you will need to get your connector to work. Right click onto key to copy it to your clipboard.


Step 6: Add and configure a new Mailchimp Connector in your AudienceStream profile



Step 7: Create and set up the Subscribe Visitor to List action

For this example we simply need to select our audience, our subscriber list and map our Visitor Email property to "".



Step 8: Test configuration

After we have everything set up, we need to test to make sure it was done properly. The best way to go about testing is to run a trace to make sure your events were handled properly and to check your email/ Mailchimp dashboard to make sure you received the confirmations you were supposed to.

Confirmation email- making sure the connector fired


Overall, the Mailchimp connector provides a lightweight, easy to use solution that integrates well into your existing AudienceStream configuration. Mailchimp would be a great place to start for those looking to leverage the power of email marketing with a feature packed platform.