This Enrichment can modify a Number with a positive value (increment) or a negative value (decrement) when triggered by a specific visitor event. The modifying value can be a different Number, a Tealium iQ Variable or just a custom numeral.

Example: Increment the Lifetime Order Total Number by the latest order total value after every successful transaction (more details in Usage Example).

Add and Configure the Enrichment

  1. Add a new Number Attribute in your AudienceStream profile. This will store the modified Number value.
  2. Give it a Title and select its Scope. Provide any useful Notes (optional but recommended).
  3. Click the 'Create An Enrichment' button and select 'Increment or Decrement Number'.
  4. Select the modifying value from the first dropdown. You may choose a Number or a Tealium iQ Variable. If neither are available, simply provide a custom numeral.
  5. Select a trigger from the 'WHEN' drop-down.
    • New Visitor: Enrichment will occur when the visitor is new to your site.
    • New Visit: Enrichment will occur on a new visit by a visitor.
    • Any page event (Recommended): Enrichment will occur anytime a page event occurs. If you're not certain which selection to make, choose this one.
    • Visit ended: Enrichment will occur when a visit ends.

      Session Times

      The current session visit length varies based on the following criteria:
      1. Web based sessions are set to a length of 30 minutes.
      2. Web sessions with only one event and no follow-up events are set to a length of 10 minutes.
      3. Mobile based sessions are set to a length of 2 minutes.
      4. Ominichannel sessions are set to a length of 1 minute.
  6. Apply additional triggers using Rule conditions.
  7. Save/Publish the changes in your profile.

Usage Example

Assume you want to calculate the Lifetime Value (LTV) of all the transactions that a visitor has made so far. Perhaps you are looking to offer promotional deals or assign a frequent buyer badge if the LTV exceeds a certain amount. First, you will capture the the order total values in a Tealium iQ Variable then leverage it a Number with the help of Increment/Decrement Enrichment.

How does it work? Every time the visitor completes a transaction on the checkout page, the Enrichment kicks in and increments the Number by the latest order value.

Step 1. Add a Number Attribute and scope it to Visitor. This will store the lifetime order total value.

Title: Lifetime Order Total
Scope: Visitor

Step 2. Create the 'Increment or Decrement Number" Enrichment.

For this step, you must collect the order total value at the end of the visitor's transaction. To do that, add the 'order_total' Variable to the Data Layer tab of the matching Tealium iQ profile (Adding Variables to Tealium iQ).

Increment or Decrement Number by: order_total
WHEN: Any Page Event
Attach/Create a Rule: Page URL object contains "checkout"

Step 3. Save/Publish the changes.


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