This Enrichment is designed for adding values to a Set of Strings Attribute. The values added can originate either from another Attribute or from a Custom Value. This Enrichment is triggered by a specific type of event (or Any Event) and/or an Enrichment Rule. Here are some examples of Set of Strings:

Set Name Set Values
Product Categories Viewed "Home Improvement", "Electronics", "Apparel", "Kitchen"
Browsers used "Chrome", "Firefox", "Safari"
Product IDs "5765", "9898", "1534"

add enrichment.png

Add the Enrichment

1. Add a new Visit or Visitor scoped Set of Strings Attribute to your profile.

2. Click the Add Enrichment and select Add to Set of Strings.

Configure the Enrichment

  1. Enter a value for the Custom Value or select an existing Attribute.
  2. Select a trigger from the WHEN menu:
    • New Visitor: occurs when the visitor is new to your site.
    • New Visit: occurs on a new visit by a visitor.
    • Any page event: occurs on any page event. (Recommended if you are unsure).
    • Visit ended: occurs when a visit ends.
  3. Apply one or more Rule conditions that determine when to update the Set. You may attach an existing Rule or create a new Rule condition.
  4. Click on save/publish to apply the Enrichment.

Usage Example

In this example, you will create a set of unique Product IDs of all the products viewed by a shopper. A set of this nature speaks volumes about the shopper's interests and buying intent. Based on its contents, you can retarget the shopper with relevant ads and coupons or recommend similar products that might pique the shopper's interest.

To accomplish this Enrichment we need to know a few things:

  1. The name of the Attribute containing Product ID data. In this example, the Attribute is named product_id.
  2. How to identify when a visitor is on a Product Detail Page. In this example, when the Attribiute page_type="product"

Steps to Configure

  1. Add a new Set of Strings Attribute named "Products Viewed".
  2. Create the 'Add to Set of Strings Enrichment'. Assign the source of the Set to the product_id Attribute.
  3. Specify the qualifying event: WHEN = ANY_EVENT
  4. Add Rule "Page View - Product": page_type EQUALS product
  5. Add Rule "Product IDs exist": product_id IS ASSIGNED
  6. Save/Publish



The Enrichment occurs when the shopper lands on a product detail page and the product_id variable is assigned. It will copy the value from the product_id Attribute into the "Products Viewed" Set of Strings Attribute.