This Enrichment is designed to append the values from one Set of Strings Attribute into another Set of Strings Attribute.  For example, if Set A is frequently updated, or otherwise overwritten, we can use this Enrichment to store all of the values that have occurred into Set B, essentially turning Set B into a master copy.  Here is an example:

Set A: Blog Categories Set B: Master Categories
"Nutrition", "Dieting" "Nutrition", "Dieting"
"Running", "Exercising" "Nutrition", "Dieting", "Running", "Exercising"
"Health", "Medicine" "Nutrition", "Dieting", "Running", "Exercising", "Health", "Medicine"

You can see that even though Set A is overwritten with new values each time, the Enrichment is copying those values into Set B where the master list grows, storing each unique value seen.

We recommend pairing this Enrichment with Store Array as Set of Strings Enrichment so that the resulting Set can be preserved before it is overwritten by incoming values.

Learn more about the Store Array as Set of Strings Enrichment.

Add the Enrichment

1. Add a new Set of Strings from the Attributes tab. Give it a Title and set the Scope.

2. Click the 'Add Enrichment' button and select 'Update Set of Strings by Set of Strings'.

Configure the Enrichment

1. From the first dropdown, select the Set you would like to preserve before it is overwritten or updated.

2. Select a trigger from the WHEN drop-down menu.

    • New Visitor: Enrichment will occur when the visitor is new to your site.
    • New Visit: Enrichment will occur on a new visit by a visitor.
    • Any event: Enrichment will occur anytime a page event occurs. If you're not certain which selection to make, choose this one.
    • Visit ended: Enrichment will occur when a visit ends.

when dropdown.png

3. Apply one or more Rule conditions that determine when to trigger the Enrichment. You may attach an existing Rule or create a new Rule condition.

4. Once you are done configuring the Enrichment, save/publish the changes.