When are records created, updated, and deleted in AudienceDB?


Record Creation Rules

  • Visitor profiles are created after a session ends, then it takes about an hour for them to appear in DataAccess.

Record Updating Rules

  • When a visitor revisits a site again, the AudienceDB record is updated. 
  • If the visitor is stitched the existing record is temporarily deleted and then re-inserted with the correct, updated data.
  • Records are only updated at the end of a session and take about an hour to appear in DataAccess. 

Record Deletion Rules

  • Records are deleted based on the time specified, or retention period, in the contract.
  • Visitor profiles that have not been updated within the specified contractual length, or retention period, are dropped and unrecoverable. For example, if the retention period specified in the contract is 90 days, on the 91st day, if there have been no updates to that record (vdata, Omnichannel, web session, etc.), the visitor record is deleted.