The goal of this document is to explain how the Data Layer works with AudienceStream.


First let's start by explaining what AudienceStream does. AudienceStream collects audience data from your website, mobile apps, internet of thing (IoT), 1000+ different vendors, and even offline sources. 


The audience data, depending on how you setup Tealium's products, can go back to other vendors that we have 1000+ integrations with. 

The Data Layer

If the audience data is sent to another vendor, the Data Layer normalizes that data for use with any vendor of your choosing. An example of this can be seen below:

Vendor Tag Variable in Vendor Tag Tealium Variable in The Data Layer Value (or First Name)
Google Analytics Tag  firstName first_name Kathleen
MailChimp Tag  fname
Hybris Tag  FirstName
Mobile App Tag  fn


So if someone abandons a Hybris cart, sending that individual an email through MailChimp is a simple task if you have AudienceStream setup to handle cart abandonment. Extraction, Tranformation, Load (ETL) and normalization of the data are nearly elimnated from the start.