This tool will export all variables and their tag mappings to a CSV file.  This tool will only run within the TiQ page. This will only work for the specific profile the user is currently logged into, each profile will need to be logged into seperately. 

Resource URL

Add this tool to the Tealium Tools browser extension using the following URL:



Upon launching the tool you'll be prompted to get the variables and their tag mappings for the profile you're currently logged into on TiQ.

Select the option to gather data for either All Tags, Active Tags, or Inactive Tags.


Click Start and variables and their tag mappings for the profile will be fetched.


Once all variables and their tag mappings are fetched, you'll be prompted to download a CSV.


The CSV will output the following columns of data, including a header line:

  • Variable Name - the name of the data layer variable
  • Variable Type - the type of the variable (js, dom, cp, etc.)
  • Variable Description - the description of the variable
  • Tag Title (Tag UID) - the tag title and UID where the variable is referenced
  • Tag Mappings - the tag vendor data mappings used with this variable

Example line from file where the Tealium variable "page_name" is mapped in a Tealium Generic Tag to the parameter "pg":

Variable Name,Variable Type,Variable Description,Tag Title (Tag UID),Tag Mappings
page_name,js,"User Friendly Page Name.",Tealium Generic Tag (498),"pg"

If a variable is not mapped to any tags, the name/type/description will still be included in the spreadsheet.

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