The Data Layer, Tealium iQ Tag Manager, AudienceStream and DataAccess are all players in the orchestra that is the Universal Data Hub.
As one of the foundations of Tealium, the Data Layer normalizes all of your data allowing it to be seemless shared from one vendor to another, eliminating costly Extraction, Transformation and Load (ETL) times.
The Tealium iQ Tag Management solution enables the unification of disparate data sources and drives more consistent event data. The event data is the key to enabling your vendors with more accurate data, as well as the starting point of many Tealium products.
This is where the Universal Data Hub (UDH) interface comes into play. The UDH is a centralized location for managing, delivering or storing data on the cloud. It houses the following products:
  • AudienceStream: a solution which allows you to aggregate event data into visitor profiles for a unified view of your customers, correlates the visitor data across every customer touchpoint, and leverages the comprehensive visitor profile across your entire digital marketing stack.
  • DataAccess: a suite of rich data services designed to give marketers and analysts access to the raw event and visitor level data in an easily ingestible or queryable format.
  • Cloud Delivery: a service for delivering vendor data from the cloud (whereas Tealium iQ delivers vendor data from the browser).
Below are several tables and images designed to help explain the breadth of the UDH.