To check the status of a file imported with FileImport/Omnichannel, use the Bulk Download Logs tool. Log into your Tealium Custom Data Hub account and launch the tool from the custom tool screen. Select the data source and data range of the import to look up. The tool provides information about the files and the status of the import.

Resource URL

Add the Bulk Download Logs tool to Tealium Tools using the following URL:



The tool requires that you are logged into you Customer Data Hub account.

Lookup Parameters

Upon launching the tool you will be prompted for the data source, from and to date. 

To check the status of an file import:

  1. Open your Customer Data Hub account.
  2. Open Tealium Tools and click the Bulk Download Logs tool.
  3. Select the file Source.
  4. Select the date range using the From and To fields.
  5. Select Show logs with error only (optional).
  6. Click Submit.


Viewing File Status

When viewing the file status results, scroll to the right to see more columns if all status information does not appear in the window. 

The top area displays total files, number of rows uploaded, and number of rows processed. 

  • Click Export to download the status table data as a CSV file.
  • Click Detail to see the raw JSON payload of the logs.
  • Click Back to go to selection screen.




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