Cloud delivery with Mobile SDK 5.0

The new 'cloud delivery' feature was announced at a webinar a couple of weeks ago and I had the impression it was something that was ready for a handful of tags, for example Google universal analytics. We now run 5.03 Mobile SDK and it still calls for mobile.html>utag.js. No sight of the announced REST api. What happened? Is it not live yet? It is a very cool and useful "feature" and we would love to start using it, especially for mobile applications..


Cheers /Per


Accepted Solutions (2)

Accepted Solutions (2)

Hi Per,

Cloud-based Delivery is indeed a very cool feature, and the capability is present in v5 of the mobile SDKs for Android and iOS, but the server-side component (EventStream) is not included as standard; there is an additional cost, and your account manager can quote you for this.

Assuming you had already purchased EventStream, this Cloud-based Delivery is not actually done via the standard webview. In fact, assuming all your needs were met by Cloud-based Delivery integrations, you could turn off the web view entirely, and there would be no mobile.html at all. This is all managed via the publish settings for the profile (you would just turn on Tealium Collect, and optionally, turn off "Tag Management", though the 2 can peacefully coexist).

In summary: speak to your account manager and they can help you to understand what options are available. I hope this information is useful.


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Very useful indeed. I didn't know that Eventstream was part of the solution. Will find out more about this when Charlie is back.
Thanks Craig for precise and prompt answer!

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