Different Datalayers in Web and Mobile

Hi Tealium professionals

I have integrated Tealium in a Website with a Datalyer known from Adobe Analytics. It works without problems, but the specialised Datalayer is cumbersome for us. So we want to change it to the standard datalayer from tealium. This is planned for next year.

Now i want to implement Tealium in a App. But i am not sure, which datalayer i should implement:

  1. the same datalayer like in the website - so i have +/- the same data in the same datalayer Variable in Audience Streams
  2. i implement directly the Tealium standard datalayer - then i am already up to date, but have different variables for each data.

Which solution you prefer? (The problem will only occur if I want to use audience streams)

Thanks for your experience


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Hi @Markus_Buergin

I would strongly recommend option 2. This will save effort in the long run. You can use extensions to "normalise" the data layer between the 2 properties (web and app) if required, and then remove this extension once you have migrated the website data layer to the new format.

If you're familiar with JavaScript, a JavaScript extension may be easiest, but a "Set Data Values" extension could also work. Define all the new variables from the mobile app in the profile, and set the existing variables to copy their values from the new variables. This means all your mappings should continue to function, and you've saved the re-implementation effort on the mobile app when you do decide to migrate the data layer fully on web (at which time, you can just turn off the "normalising" extension).

Does this make sense?

Tealium Employee

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