Hi, We are migrating jquery 1.x to 3.5.1. Do we have any dependency of jQuery in utag.js?

Hi, We are migrating jquery 1.x to 3.5.1. Do we have any dependency of jQuery in utag.js? As far as i know only  external scripts like extensions or tags will be affected instead of utag.js itself?

Could you please clarify and if there is any impact could you please share any URL / Doc?


Ashok Kumar

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Hi @AshokPrasad 

Great question.  We have two jQuery Extensions:

medicalmutual | ccf-app 2020-06-23 09-48-53.png

If you are migrating from jQuery v1.6 or below, you will need to update any jQuery extensions to the current v1.7 and above version.

If you are migrating from jQuery v1.7 or above, you will not need to make any updates to your current set up.

The jQuery extensions are scoped to DOM READY and cannot be changed

medicalmutual | ccf-app 2020-06-23 09-56-32.png

This scoping means that the jQuery Extensions load with utag.js and could potentially cause issues only if using the Custom Feature of the extension to add additional code:

medicalmutual | ccf-app 2020-06-23 09-58-28.png

With regards to the most current jQuery Extension v1.7 and above, the code that is injected into utag.js will look something like this:

jQuery('#feedbackForm').on('mousedown', 'input.submit-action', function(e) {
"tealium_event" : 'feedback_submitted',
"feedback_message" : $('#feedbackForm textarea').val(),
"username" : utag.data['username']

This is the extent of how we utilize jQuery - we make a reference to the library and use the standard on method to define what event to listen for.  

Therefore the only dependency issues could stem from custom code that utilizes jQuery like in a javascript extension or using the "Custom" setting within the jQuery Extension as I stated above.

For more information on our jQuery Extension, here is a link to the documentation:




Hope this helps!

Tealium Employee