How can I fire multiple of the same tag type on a single event?

I'm running into a problem where if I try to fire multiple of the same tag type on a single event, a page load in this case, only the first of the multiple tags I have configured will fire. If I look in the Tealium Tools' Web Companion, it says that all of the tags I had configured have fired, but only one tag's activity shows up in the network packets.


Is there a way to fire multiple tags of the same type on a single event? In this case, the job I'm working on requires me to fire two Google Ads conversions and two Tealium Generic tags simultaneously.


Thanks for the help!

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Hi @sdanaher_3q  - this might be a  tricky one, because  some of  the Tag Marketplace integrations are only meant to fire once  on a  page. I've had to resort  to image pixel tags for the second tag  instance in the past.   Hopefully others  will chime in  with ideas.  Don't be shy to open  a support ticket so Tealium Engineering can help, they've certainly had  this come up before.  Please come back with  your resolution or more questions.... so others can get value from this experience.

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I would really like to suggest you to mannually implement track events in each Tag Template, you'd be amazed on things we can do within templates since any valid javascript can be used asynchronously.

Please refer documentations of the third parties for the respective track event.s


Satyam Chourey

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