How can I show the consent preference dialog in the explicit consent prompt

I'm trying to create a fold-out screen in the explicit consent prompt. So that when a user clicks on "our cookie setting".

show cookie settings.PNG

The explicit consent prompt box will fold-out and the consent preference dialog box is put in there. So that users can choose which cookie the want. In the picture below it will replace the personal and functional titles and text.folded-out cookie settings.PNG

At this moment the consent preference dialog box, comes as a pop-up box. Which we do not want. Does anybody know if this is possible?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Hi @Guido,

The Tealium consent manager solution is highly customisable and it is indeed possible to achive what those requirements describe however it might take some advanced CSS/HTML and JS implementation.

I would recommend contacting your Account Manager to discuss further.


Tealium Employee

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