How to disable the whole Tealium Mobile library? ( Opt-out )

Hi There,


how can the Tealium mobile SDK v5 be disabled completely? I need this for a privacy opt out feature.


Would be nice to have ah short code example for Android, IOS and Windows Phone.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Hi @MountainMaster,

Here are the methods available in v5 to destroy the Tealium instance. You can call this method once your users have opted out:

There is no such method currently for Windows. Another alternative, which incidentally would also work on Windows, would be to add a new key to the data layer of "optout=true" or similar, and use load rules in Tealium to prevent any tags from loading if this data layer key is set. Tealium would still load, but no data would be collected or sent to any 3rd party vendors.


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