How to track Hybrid app visitors in SiteCatalyst with Tealium SDK

The native app at some point is calling a mobile browser as a wrapper. However, the mobile wrapper creates a new session and assigns a new visitor ID. With Adobe SDK the app is able to get the visitor ID and pass it to the wrapper in the query string parameter. How can we do it with Tealium SDK? Is it possible in Tealium to get the SiteCatalyst visitor ID from the cookie and then pass it back to the app? Is there other way to track it? The app (ios and andoird) and the website both are tracked with Telaium in separate profiles.
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Our library supplies a UUID as a datasource. If that is mapped as the visitor ID in the tag then the UUID can be passed to the webView as a queryString parameter as well and then both the native and the webView will be using the same UUID. Our library has methods that allow for the retrieval of the UUID so it can be passed to the webView.
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