Integrating ForeSee into iOS app using Tealium

Hello Team Tealium,

We have already integrated ForeSee SDK directly into our iOS App. However, now want to manage it through Tealium as i see tealium supports "ForeSee". FYI, TealiumIOS sdk 5.04 is already integrated in our app for tracking some other vendors.

We are using following ForeSee SDK calls within our App and now want same to be acheived via Tealium:

ForeSee.incrementSignificantEventCount(withKey: EventKey)


ForeSee.showSurvey(forSurveyID: info)

we have confiured "foresee_configuration.json" within App as required by ForeSee SDK.

Calling ForeSee.showSurvey() will actually showup an Survey dialog to user where user can provide his input.

My question is how i can achieve all this by using Tealium (and removing native ForeSee sdk from App)? Is there step by step available for ForeSee integration via Tealium? How can a ForeSee survey Dialog can be shown using Tealium?

Any help or guidance will be much appreciated.

Thanks in Advance!


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