Is there any alternative to add Tealium library without using -all_load linker flag in iOS

We use multiple 3rd party libraries in our app and as we don't own the source code for them it is hard to control what is included in them. Due to this we end up with duplicate symbol issues when we use "-all_load" option in other linker flags. Tealium documentation states that we should add -all_load to compile the app. Is there any other alternative. We've been able to build to simulator without this flag but when we generate IPA for deploying to devices using xCode 5.1 we get some errors in our libraries that compile without adding Tealium library. We tried using -force_load option get the same issues. The same workspace compiles fine in both Simulator and for Device in xCode 5.0.2. Same code fails to compile for device when using xCode 5.1. I'm wondering what is the right way to add Tealium library without including -all_load option? From the documentation it appears to increase the app size as well which we want to avoid if possible.

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