Is there any webview access on non main/UI thread when using tealium library?

We are experiencing following crash in our app using weviews after integrating with latest tealium library. Are there any hidden webviews or implicit webview access on non-main UI thread in the library that may be causing this issue? Any suggession on we can fix this crash? <>> [6623:4d07] bool _WebTryThreadLock(bool), 0x1782074c0: Tried to obtain the web lock from a thread other than the main thread or the web thread. This may be a result of calling to UIKit from a secondary thread. Crashing now... 1 0x195b97298 WebThreadLock 2 0x18f76d508 3 0x100235bcc +[TealiumAutoScanner dictionaryPropertiesOf:] 4 0x100231264 -[TealiumProcessingCenter propertiesIncludingSupersOf:] 5 0x10022d9dc -[TealiumProcessingCenter dataForObject:optionalInfo:] 6 0x1002572f0 __38-[Tealium addToDispatcher:customData&colon;]_block_invoke 7 0x198e58014 8 0x198e57fd4 9 0x198e5e4a8 10 0x198e5a4c0 11 0x198e5f0f4 12 0x198e5f4fc 13 0x198fed6bc _pthread_wqthread 14 0x198fed54c start_wqthread

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