Mobile Tagging - How Tealium deals with timestamps for queued request?

Hi there! Iâ ve got a question for mobile app tagging, and specifically for the SiteCatalyst requests. When an app is used without an internet connection, requests are being queued. When the device comes online, the queued request are being processed/sent. Now my question is how this queuing affects the timestamps of the SiteCatalyst requests. It is important that the timestamps on the SiteCatalyst measurements show the moment of the measurement and not the moment that the device came online. Does Tealium take this into account? And if so, how? On a side-note, which requests are actually being queued? The â utag.viewâ calls or the pixel requests â http://googlads....â ? I presume the utag.view calls, based on the Mobile Companion movie (, time: 02:45). Kind regards, Koen.

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