Mobile iOS is collecting views in GA but not events, what's wrong?

Hi Tealium community,


I am using the tealium SDK with iOS and Google Analytics. We have configured our mobile publishing and are using the "Tag Managment" dispatch type.


We have a set of custom event UDO variables setup and mapped to our GA event fields:


I can see that the Tealium event is being dispatched:


When a "view" type is dispatched it is coming through to GA, we are also seeing some custom dimentions being set by the "link" type, but GA is not registering any "Events".


Anyone have any ideas?






P.S. Why do you have an "Attach Image" button for your tickets if you just strip them out as invalid HTML??

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

In our case it turned out to be that we were passing GA's eventValue property as a string. The tag no longer sends events if the eventValue is a string rather than the expected number.



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