Native Mobile App Testing via Charles Proxy Tool?

Could anyone help me on how to do Tag testing for Native Mobile App via Charles Proxy Debugging tool.


Please provide step by step process to do testing as soon as possible.


Appreciate your timely response. Thanks in advance!

Accepted Solutions (2)

Accepted Solutions (2)

Hello @Srinivasan. Do not thank me! This was all @josh_wolf. Thank you, Josh!

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Hello @Srinivasan 

You can use a Charles installed on your computer, connect your device to the computer and use the computer as a proxy.  Then as you interact with the app you will see the calls in Charles.


1. Setting up your ipad’s proxy through the settings app. Instructions here:  

2. Open up any page from your ipads safari browser

3. Click Accept with Charles proxy on laptop asks if you want to proxy device

4. Downloading the charles certificate on your ipad (on ipad, goto: and accept.  OS will warn that it can’t verify, which is okay, accept and then you should be able to monitor calls via Charles.

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