Tag is firing only once per page load.

I have a tag to fire on multiple buttons of a page. I set the extension and the tag is firing but its firing only once per the page load. How can I make the tag fire on every click on the buttons irrespective of the page load/refresh.

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If you wish to trigger track event on different buttons for different values, refer the example below,

    // track logic for button-1 
    // track logic for button-2
    // track logic for button-3

If same properties needs to be tracked for all buttons, refer the example below,

  $( '.button-1 , .button-2 , .button-3 ').on('click',()=>{
    // track logic 

P.S .make sure to use these events properly in tag template.

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Hi Shree,

Assuming that you have set up "link" event tracking correctly on the button(s) using a trigger from e.g. a jQuery extension that calls the utag.link tracking function, it could be related to the tag containers' templates lack of event type support. Some containers are "born" to only support "view" events out of the box. For example many conversion tag containers are by default born with "view" event only. If you want a tag to fire under other conditions, you would have to modify the template to your custom needs.

You can adapt your tag template to support more events in your local profile.

First, create a new "Save As" entry in your versions history (so you can roll back if needed). Then locate the following line of code in the tag template (find edit button to the template editor under tag config > advanced settings) and then try update the line containing u.ev from:

u.ev = {"view" : 1};


u.ev = {"view" : 1, "link" : 1};

Remember to save "Version Template" (recommended, so you can roll back to a previous version) + publish.

If this does not solve your problem, you are welcome to DM me and I'll be happy to take a look at your exact setup.

Let us know how it goes.

Kind regards,


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