Tealium Data Importation to Google Analytics for Google Ads (AdWords) Remarketing

Hi team,I am trying to import Tealium data to Google Analytics for Google Ads Remarketing.

There is problem that audience size not generating in GA.

We did the following:

-created GA Tag & Cookie Matching Tag in Tealium (advertising feature enabled)

with GA Tag extension setting Google ID to ga.getAll()[0].get('clientId')
and variable custom dimension from GA matched to dimension in Tealium 

-created the wanted audience with Google ID assigned

-created the audience connector with the wanted audience list & with Google ID assigned & set the custom dimension number & name & event name in audience connector. 

The result is audience & google ID are generating in Tealium but audience in GA is not generating.

Any idea on resolving this? Thanks in advance. 

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